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Our Alchemists have worked together to co-create and manifest Elemental Alchemy.  Our purpose is to channel pure light and love with the intention of spreading conscious awareness of our Planet Gaia and provide healing therapies that will support the awakening process of her inhabitants.  The Elemental Alchemy team specializes in different areas to assist you in the transformation of energy on the physical, mental, and emotional levels with the purpose of increasing your awareness of the Universal Energy Source that flows through you.

Carol Reyes

BSc in Chemistry | Angels Oracle Card Reader | Akashic Records Practitioner

My holistic journey began in 2015, the turning point where I realized
that I needed to make a real-life change to experience a different
reality. Committing to this transformation introduced different holistic therapies.
Being a Chemist and coming from a family with very strong beliefs, I
had my doubts that these therapies would help me. It was not an
easy decision to make such drastic changes but I followed my intuition
and left all of my old beliefs behind. It was honestly the best decision I
have made with no regrets despite the challenges that arise in spiritual growth.
About 2 years ago, I felt a strong call in my heart to connect with
Angel Oracle card readings from the guidance of the Angels. Some
time after, I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to be initiated
into Akashic Records. Currently I work with aromatherapy and am pursuing my MSc in Pharmaceutical with the intention to take a more natural approach. These tools have been a remarkable help
with my growth in taking steps each day to be the best version of
myself that I can be. With the consistent connection to the Universe/Spirit/God I chose to share these gifts with all who want to
connect to themself on a deeper level and their Divine power.

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