• Elemental Alchemy

Inspiration that bleeds in Mother Nature creations

We are the whole

The holy ground

We are all going to return to

And our spirit raising

Return and be blessed

Pay homage to Mother Earth

Have the power to let it be

And love them all

An elusive trace of a memory

A body howling for help

Can the man be left empty?!

From void to a new beginning

Remembering a scene from a lifetime

Artifices of the memory

Is it you, who is there,

Creating existence and shaping forms?!

She has become a flagrancy appearance

From stasis

She gets to a state of sublimity

Be nothing before you become something!

Her life drawn on a surface

Walk with me for the last time

Before you become a stranger

Take me high and let me jump

Artist: Luiza Bocai

Aberdeen, UK

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