“Since our Reiki first session just over a year ago, Maria has made a very positive impact on my life. Drawing on a wide range of skills and knowledge including and beyond Reiki, she applies a very thoughtful approach that is unique to each individual. Highly recommended.”

— Tim Schultes, Aberdeen, UK

— Carolina Villasis, Quito, Ecuador

"Discovering Maria Fatme on this path is something I can simply describe as an absolutely magical process. Each of our sessions together are shaped by unconditional love and lots of teaching. Thank you Fat for being so patient with my process. For holding space for me, for being my mirror and reflecting all your knowledge. I can only say infinite times thank you and blessings surround you always. Keep shining today and forever."

— Jessica López, Quito, Ecuador

"I was in a dark moment in my life. Without having a guide or an explanation to understand what the strong life lesson was telling me with all the events. Until coincidentally recounting that with an old friend, she told me about the energy blockages and recommended Maria, I with a little skepticism at the beginning, I contact her. After a few hours of speaking with her, she proposed a plan to act on me. I did not understand at first how the physical plane was linked to the energetic until I lived it shortly after with Maria´s guidance. She managed to vanish those energetic and mental blocks that I had charged for so long, making life begin to flow like water. This is undoubtedly one of the strangest but constructive experiences I have had in my life. I now have a stable job and, among other things, I owe it to Maria and her great wisdom with the astral world."

— Juan Ricaurte, Boston, USA

I had an amazing experience with María. She is a really talented therapist that uses diverse techniques to cure not only mental but physical issues. I totally recommend working with her!

We had reiki sessions together. Starting from the first session, I started to feel a difference. Now that we completed the treatement, I can assure that it actually helped me out. This was such a powerful tool for me to use in my dairy activities. Contact her so she can give you proper directions on what you may be needing!

— Luiza Bocai, Aberdeen UK

I’ve been using Maria’s services for a while, doing reiki therapy and participating to Cacao ceremonies either in a private setting or as part of a group. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in that process and I can say that she is a true born healer. Her energy-therapy and cacao ceremony helped me to open up and to self discover. Cacao’s benefits and reiki are countless. She is also working with different plant medicines that have great health benefits.

She is an excellent guide and an amazing teacher to work with. Her knowledge on energy healing and ancestral connections, as well as her south American heritage is enhancing the wonderful experience and the healing journey

— Chanel Mckee, Aberdeen, UK

Maria is the most wonderful teacher, she has taught me Spanish for the past year on and off due to coronavirus and she is very patient and understanding with me. She has helped me a lot. I also went for a Reiki massage with my mum and it was a lovely experience very relaxing and defintley left feeling far more relaxed and happier. She is wonderful

-Amy Sullivan, Richmond, Virginia

I have been reading Healing Angels (healing_angels39) daily guidance every morning for almost a full year. Carol's readings have become part of my morning ritual, a quiet time when my thoughts are most clear and yet ready to become overwhelmed as I begin the day.
I love taking this time to be reminded that my angels are here for me that they love, care for and want to protect me, my family and anyone that I may encounter throughout my day. 
We all have so much happening in our lives everyday, I appreciate her gentle loving words as she puts an angel card in front of me helping me to focus and draw inspiration for my day. It is also amazing to me that the readings address things that are happening in my life.
I had cancer last year and these angel readings reminded me that I was not alone that my angels were with me every step of the way ~ all I had to do was call on them.~Gifting myself with this special time with Healing Angels in the morning , is also gifting those around me.

-Sacha, Aberdeen, UK

"The healing touch that Erika provides through the art of Thai Massage helped me on different levels. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable to let my resistances melt away through the loving presence that she holds. My body experienced much openness and the energy that I struggle moving away finally got transmuted. I am deeply grateful with Erika for connecting me back to grounding in such a kind and professional way, she is very skill and gifted with the magic that her hands transmit. Her Thai Massage is not just healing but also relaxing and powerful."

—Javier Ortiz, Cartagena Colombia

Hello, my name is Javier Ortiz singer of ONE PACHANGA and I want to express my experience with  the Medicinal Session with therapeutic mushrooms I had with Maria Fatme. In the right hands and with the required preparation this medicine can help you with emotional and physical problems as you will be able to release stagnated energy due to trauma. I was suffering with much back pain and during the session I had many understandings about it, Maria helped me moving the energy with Reiki as well. Therefore, it was an enriching experience in every sense since it opened many new doorways that I could not see before. Also I felt my creative power illuminated much more after our session. I recover from ailments my back and also the state of mind and humor. In a few words I return to my natural essence thanks for feeding my soul and through Mother Earth Spirit and thanks to María Fatme for giving me the opportunity to open up to this magical experience. 

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